Luc R. Rivet, Author/Publisher/Photographer

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I was born and raised in the small city of Elliot Lake in Northern Ontario, Canada.  My father was a uranium miner and my mother a homemaker and full-time mother to my three sisters, my brother and I.  I am the second youngest of 5 children, the youngest of the boys.

 Living in a small city, under 30,000 people provided great opportunities for an aspiring young writer and I was able to hone my writing skills by working in both radio and print journalism in the 1980's but an affection for alcohol and the ease of access to it led me down a troublesome path, so I walked away from it.  I have been working in the addictions field since 1989 and truly enjoy helping others who have walked similar paths of despair.

 My love of writing developed in my early teens and I have written almost daily since then although I certainly wouldn't boast about some of my earlier stuff.  I have dabbled in poetry, political opinion pieces, non-fiction and spiritual writing but up until recently I have stayed away from fiction for no better reason then I didn't think I'd enjoy it.  I was wrong!

I'm excited about releasing my first E-Book, The Flash Zone - A Collection of Short Short Stories, and look forward to writing many more!